What is a Reverse Analytics Lookup for Google Analytics?

These tools can be used to identify all websites that are associated with a particular Google Analytics ID or Google Adsense ID, which can be useful for open source intelligence purposes, such as investigating a target’s attack surface or associating different domains with a common owner. By analyzing the websites associated with a particular Google Analytics or Google Adsense ID, you can gain insights into the online activities of the website owner and potentially uncover additional information that may be relevant to your investigation.


> Search ua-15589237

Reverse Analytics lookup for: ua-15589237
Found 2 domains using Analytics ID: ua-15589237.
#	Domain file_download	Tools
1	dnslytics.com	   
First seen using this Analytics ID on 2018-05-17, last checked on 2023-02-08.
DomainRank: 5.7/10
Name servers: pam.ns.cloudflare.com (used by 104,554 domains) cody.ns.cloudflare.com (used by 81,838 domains)
Mail servers: mail.protonmail.ch (used by 207,490 domains) mailsec.protonmail.ch (used by 189,327 domains)
IPv4: (used by 714 domains) (used by 714 domains)
Google Analytics ID: UA-15589237 (used by 1 domain)
dnslytics (found 12 exact matched domains on different TLDs)

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