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Muzkkir Husseni

My name is Muzkkir Mohmmedshafi Husseni. I have been in cyber security feild from last 3 years. Currently, I am working as a security analyst at Net-Square Pvt. Ltd. I have created this website to show my research and share knowledge with others.

About me,
I had completed my bachelor's degree in July 2019 and CEHv10 certification in July 2020. I have extensive knowledge of penetration testing of Website, Network, Android, and IOS applications. I have excellent programming skills. I have built many scripts in python and java. I have created scripts for pentest IoT device communication via Bluetooth and infrared layer. I have worked on many critical projects for top domestic and international clients of banking, financial, and IT applications.


Work Experiance

Security Analyst - Net-Square Solutions, Ahmedabad
Feb 2020 - Present
Responsible for conducting Web, Mobile, and Network based vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, code review, developing information security tools, information security research and conducting vulnerability assessment of live applications such as internet banking systems, Government portal, event management portals and many critical business applications based on different technologies like JSP, PHP, .Net, Android, iOS and Thick client.

Extra Curricular Activities

OWASP Ahmedabad Chapter
I am speaker at OWASP Ahmedabad. I had presented topics on Malware Analyst and Insecure Deserialization with live demo.

CTFs Building
I have published CTFs “MuzzyBox” & “FinitHicDeo” on VulnHub & GitHub.
(Ref: https://www.vulnhub.com/entry/muzzybox-1,434/ & https://github.com/mymuzzy/FinitHicDeo )

Presentation at Net-Square
I had given presentation on "NoSQL Injection" at Net-Square. For that, I build my own lab and show live exploitation of NoSQLi. You can view my presentation at https://www.slideshare.net/NSCONCLAVE/nosql-injection.

Training at SAL College
I conducted 45 days of training to the students of SAL college and also distributed the certification. During this period I taught them to create websites with NodeJS and MongoDB.

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